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There are 2 main brands in the world of cycling components, SRAM is one of them. Continuously pushing forward with new ideas and technology, SRAM is now a widely respected brand for any category of riding, at any level. From basic children’s twist grips, up to tour standard drivetrains, the SRAM range has it all.

Matchmaker X



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AV018030 Pair
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Keep your cockpit tidy. All our braking products work with SRAM's tried-and-true cockpit organisation system. Cleans up bar space by integrating SRAM disc brakes with SRAM trigger shifters and RockShox Reverb remote assemblies.
  • Compatible with all Guide, XX, X0 and DB5 brakes
  • Brakes: XX, X0, Guide Ultimate, Guide RSC, Guide RS, Guide R, DB5
  • Shifters: XX1, X01, X1, XX, X0, X9, X7
  • Remotes: XLoc and XLoc Full Sprint, Reverb, OneLoc
  • Clamp type: MatchMakerX (MMX)
  • Clamp colour (Brake lever clamp): Black
  • Bolt material (Brake lever clamp): Titanium

SRAM part reference

AV018030 = 00.5315.018.030

See item description above.

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