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There are 2 main brands in the world of cycling components, SRAM is one of them. Continuously pushing forward with new ideas and technology, SRAM is now a widely respected brand for any category of riding, at any level. From basic children’s twist grips, up to tour standard drivetrains, the SRAM range has it all.

IS Bracket



Available Items
SPA9001 20 IS Front 180 / Rear 160
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SPA9003 40 IS Front 200 / Rear 180
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Front and rear configurations. Hardware available in steel, stainless steel and titanium.
  • Mounting Interface: Direct, Flat Mount, International Standard, Post Mount
  • Rotor Size Increase: 0, 0/20, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, n/a
  • Type (Mount Brackets): Bolt, Flat Mount Bracket, IS Bracket, Post Bracket, Post Spacer
  • Washer Stack: CPS, CPS & Standard, n/a, Standard

SRAM part reference

SPA9000 = 00.5318.009.000 (Rotor size: 0)

SPA9001 = 00.5318.009.001 (Rotor size: 20)

SPA9002 = 00.5318.009.002 (Rotor size: 30)

SPA9003 = 00.5318.009.003 (Rotor size: 40)

SPA9004 = 00.5318.009.004 (Rotor size: 60)

See item description above.

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