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There are 2 main brands in the world of cycling components, SRAM is one of them. Continuously pushing forward with new ideas and technology, SRAM is now a widely respected brand for any category of riding, at any level. From basic children’s twist grips, up to tour standard drivetrains, the SRAM range has it all.

BB30 Ceramic Bearing Assembly



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BB30-named for its required spindle size-narrows Q-factor, increases ankle clearance, and ups bearing durability. Along with a 30 mm spindle, it requires an oversized 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket shell and PressFit bearings held in place by snap rings.
  • Huge weight savings
  • Narrow Q-factor
  • More ankle clearance
  • Greater bearing durability
  • 30mm alloy spindle
  • Larger bearings for longer life
  • 40x30x7 larger bearing size
  • Weight: 56g (Ceramic)
  • ISO 4210 compliant
See item description above.

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